Thorp Technology


Thorp Technology is a software development company with the capacity to deliver and maintain complete system solutions to your specification.

Experience that can only be gained by developing software systems for over 20 years in a diverse range of environments and platforms allows us to always deliver on time and on budget.

The knowledge we have from developing and running large scale 24x7 highly integrated systems for multinational corporations gives us the ability to factor scalability and reliability into your projects whether they be large or small.

Whether it’s a small website or a major database with millions of records, we deliver solutions across a range of platforms from mobile phones right through to worldwide server farms.

About us.

We're a close knit group of highly experienced software developers with a passion for engineering software with the latest technologies to the very highest standards. We push every boundary to make our software work for you.

Over the years we've built up a large network of talented creatives in video, graphics, audio, lighting, presentation, media, communications, search engine optimization, and multimedia where we collaborate on the software aspects of their projects and they supply their skills to ours. We are able to call on the best in their respective fields from all over the world. We have extensive experience of multiple languages and character sets.

We have customers throught the UK, Europe, the USA and Australasia. Our customers span a wide range of sectors from media, pharmaceuticals, finance, technology, fashion, food, retail, government, right down to home based businesses. We have access to all the skillsets and resources to ensure our projects always receive the expertise required. 

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